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The world is squeezing day by day in terms of information technology and it has become very easy these days to communicate with one another. This has been made possible due to the revolution in information technology and the invention of mobile or portable devices.

These smart phones house thousands of applications that are used for varied purposes like listening to music, watching movies or videos, social networking, chatting, e-business resources, buying and selling, telephone directory, navigation, gaming etc.

In the late 20th century when there was a boom in the mobile industry, there was only one platform and that too was also not used that extensively that is used now. Later in the second decade of 21st century the rage of smart phones started and there were many platforms got introduced which can support more applications at a time which the earlier ones were incapable of doing. At the same time when the platforms like android came into picture, thousands of applications started coming up which made android more popular.

Most of the applications use simple coding done on Java, C, C++, HTML, CSS, Visual Basic, etc. However, there are advanced or complex applications that are based on the coding done on some of the platforms like Ruby on Rails, Python, QML, .NET, Action Script, WIRE, etc for Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry Handheld devices that require great amount of specialization and are these professionals are paid heavily.

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